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Banking With Interest

Jan 19, 2021

Ian Katz, a bank policy analyst at Capital Alpha Partners, tackles the big questions banks have about a new administration and Congress. Will Sen. Sherrod Brown be able to enact his agenda as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee? How will Gary Gensler guide the SEC? What will new leadership at the OCC and CFPB...

Jan 12, 2021

Raj Date, the managing partner of venture capital firm Fenway Summer and former acting director of the CFPB, talks about the attack on the U.S. Capitol, the change of control in the Senate, how fintechs are faring during the COVID crisis, and where we go from here.

Dec 29, 2020

Golf Channel Play-by-Play Host Rich Lerner sits down with IntraFi’s Barb Rehm to talk about how professional golf has changed over the years, what players he’s watching now, and what the future of golf might bring. He also offers lessons from the top golfers and how bankers might benefit from them.

Dec 15, 2020

Greg Baer, president and CEO of the Bank Policy Institute, details why many in the industry are opposing fintech Figure’s recent application to charter a national bank and how it fits into a larger debate over Big Tech and banking. He also discusses his concerns with the OCC’s recent fair lending proposal and why...

Dec 8, 2020

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is in flux. President Trump just nominated Acting Comptroller Brian Brooks to serve as the leader for a five-year term, but it’s not clear he can be confirmed in time, or that the Biden administration will keep him there even if he is. American Banker reporter Brenden...